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Wagner wins at Donington!

After heading overseas to Twing Ring in Japan for Round 9, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series stayed overseas for Round 10 and paid Donington Park a visit! After making left and right turns for 50 laps, Matt Wagner prevailed over Alex van de Sandt and Nick DeGroot who gave him a run for his money most of the night! Top 5 Finishers

1- Matt Wagner

2- Alex van de Sandt

3- Nick DeGroot

4- Covy Moore

5- Brandon Passalacqua With a third place finish tonight, Nick DeGroot was able to secure his title with one race to spare! Congrats, Nick! With one race to go in Season 2, the battle is still on for the other two podium finishers! Craig Forsythe currently has a 9 point lead over Jim Brooks while AJ Hobson is in fourth on the outside looking in, only 12 points behind Brooks!

Top 5 - Standings

1- Nick DeGroot - CHAMPION

2- Craig Forsythe - 271 pts

3- Jim Brooks - 262 pts

4- AJ Hobson - 250 pts

5- Brandon Passalacqua - 246 pts The Dark Horse Indy Car Season 2 finale will take place at Indy next Saturday and will be a FULL 500 miles for the 2nd Running of the Dark Horse Indy 500! You can watch tonight's broadcast here!

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