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DeGroot Wins Late Race Battle In The 4th Dark Horse 500!

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Over this past weekend, Nick DeGroot, who started pole, was able to claim victory after 500 miles at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway! He was in a late race battle with Henry Bennett and beat him out late to secure the victory!

Top 5 Finishers

1- Nick DeGroot

2- Henry Bennett

3- Jim Herrick

4- Jeff Hysong

5- Eric Peterson

This race concluded Season 4! Rick Ravon won the Season 4 Championship over Henry Bennett by 37 points!

Top 3 Championship

1- Rick Ravon - 639 pts

2- Henry Bennett - 602 pts

3- Nick DeGroot - 577 pts

You can watch tonight's broadcast here:

Season 5 of The Dark Horse Racing Series will start on November 11th at Auto Club Speedway!

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