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Teed Wins In The Hawkeye State!

Tonight, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series paid Iowa Speedway for 150 laps of short track racing! A plethora of cautions brought fuel strategy into play and Charles Teed was able to outsmart everyone else to grab his first win of the season! Top 5 Finishers:

1- Charles Teed

2- Oscar Gonzalez

3- Craig Forsythe

4- Jorge Anzaldo

5- Nick DeGroot

In terms of the championship standings, with two great finishes, Craig Forsythe has taken the points lead with Jorge Anzaldo and Alexander van de Sandt five points behind him! Top 5 Standings:

1- Craig Forsythe - 65pts

2- Jorge Anzaldo - 60 pts

3- Alexander van de Sandt - 60 pts

4- Charles Teed - 59 pts

5- Matt Wagner - 58 pts

Next week, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series heads to Atlanta for Round 3 of Season 3!

You can watch tonight's broadcast here:

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