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Moore wins in Michigan!

Tonight, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series took to the always exciting Michigan International Speedway! The race certainly did not disappoint and concluded with an intense finish! By nights end, Covy Moore of Factory Backed Racing was able to bring home the win! The race ultimately ended under caution due to a late race incident that took out Championship contender Craig Forsythe.

Race Results T5

1-Covy Moore

2-Gary Corley

3-AJ Hobson

4-Brandon Passalacqua

5-Alex van de Sandt In terms of the standings, Nick DeGroot was able to keep his top place, ahead of Craig Forsythe by 70 points. Brandon Passalcqua has now passed Charles Teed to claim third place in the standings. He is 15 points behind Forsythe. Standings T5

1- Nick DeGroot - 279 pts

2- Craig Forsythe - 209 pts

3- Brandon Passalacqua - 194 pts

4- Charles Teed - 188 pts

5- AJ Hobson - 182 pts Next week, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series heads South to pay the Texas Motor Speedway a visit! You can watch the broadcast from tonight here:

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