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Maleczka Wins In Miami!

Tonight, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series traveled to Homestead Miami Speedway for Round 14 of Season 3!

While Robert Maleczka might have had a new paint scheme tonight, his car still knew where to find victory lane! After claiming the pole, Maleczka went on to lead 57 of 120 laps tonight in his NINTH win of the season! Top 5 Finishers:

1- Robert Maleczka

2- Nick DeGroot

3- Victor Santos

4- Alex van de Sandt

5- Covy Moore

In terms of the championship standings, with yet another win, Maleczka extended his lead. There is a tight battle brewing though for 2nd and 3rd place on the podium! Alex van de Sandt is only three points ahead of Season 2's Champion, Nick DeGroot!

Top 5 Standings:

1- Robert Maleczka - 645 pts

2- Alexander van de Sandt - 428 pts

3- Nick DeGroot - 425 pts

4- Charles Teed - 364 pts

5- Matt Wagner - 358 pts

Next week, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series heads to Silverstone for Round 15 of Season 3!

You can watch tonight's broadcast here:

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