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Maleczka Finds 7th Victory in The Bluegrass State!

Tonight, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series traveled to The Bluegrass State to pay Kentucky Motor Speedway a visit for Round 12 of Season 3!

After earning the pole, Robert Maleczka was able to finish where he started and led more than half the laps run tonight! This marks his 7th victory in just 12 races this season! Charles Teed claimed 2nd while Victor Santos rounded out the podium finishers in third place.

Top 5 Finishers:

1- Robert Maleczka

2- Charles Teed

3- Victor Santos

4- Covy Moore

5- Nick DeGroot

In terms of the championship standings, there was one change within the podium! With yet another win, Robert Maleczka leads the way over Alexander van de Sandt. With his 5th finish tonight, Nick DeGroot has found himself rounding out the podium!

Top 5 Standings:

1- Robert Maleczka - 532 pts

2- Alexander van de Sandt - 359 pts

3- Nick DeGroot - 338 pts

4- Matt Wagner - 327 pts

5- Charles Teed - 310 pts

Next week, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series heads to The Milwaukee Mile for Round 13 of Season 3!

You can watch tonight's broadcast here:

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