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DeGroot outduels Forsythe in Kentucky!

Tonight the Dark Horse Indy Car Series took on the mile and a half oval in Kentucky for Round 6 of Season 2! With a plethora of drivers battling up front all night long, it was Nick DeGroot who was able to hold off a close behind Forsythe, LeClair, Hobson and Teed! This marks yet another win this season for DeGroot as he expands his points lead in the overall championship! He was able to lead 118 of the 120 laps tonight too! Top 5 Finishers

1- Nick DeGroot

2- Craig Forsythe

3- David LeClair

4- Charles Teed

5- Eric Schaus

In terms of the championship, Nick DeGroot was able to expand his lead on the field and put 2nd Craig Forsythe down another 13 poitns this week. With his fourth place finish tonight, Charles Teed was able to hop up two places into third place! Top 5 Standings

1- Nick DeGroot - 247pts

2- Craig Forsythe - 190 pts

3- Charles Teed - 169pts

4- Brandon Passalacqua - 162 pts

5- AJ Musselman - 160 pts Next week, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series heads to Michigan! See you all then!

Tonights broadcast:

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