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DeGroot Finds Victory Lane AGAIN!

DeGroot has once again found victory lane, grabbing his fifth win of the season! Tonight, he was able to accomplish this feat at Twin Ring Motegi! In a fairly green race, Eric Schaus was able to finish in second place tonight while DeGroot's teammate,Covy Moore, rounded out the podium finishers.

Top 5 Finishers 1-Nick DeGroot 2-Eric Schaus 3-Covy Moore 4-AJ Hobson 5-Craig Forsythe In terms of the Standings, Nick DeGroot retains his points lead over Craig Forsythe by now 101 points. Rouding out the podium is Jim Brooks in 3rd with 236 points and is fifteen points behind Forsythe! Can he catch him?? Top 5 Standings 1-Nick DeGroot - 352pts 2-Craig Forsythe - 251pts 3-Jim Brooks - 236pts

4-AJ Hobson - 228pts 5-Charles Teed - 226pts

Next week, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series stays over seas this time attempting left and right turns at Donnington! You can watch tonights broadcast here:

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