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Tonight, the Dark Horse Indy Car Series headed out to the Mid-West for a 120 Lapper at World Wide Tech raceway. In another crazy finish, Nick DeGroot was able to bring his Factory Baked car home in first place at the end! Brandon Passalacqua and AJ Musselman rounded out the top three finishers.

Top 5

1- Nick DeGroot

2- Brandon Passalacqua

3- AJ Musselman

4- Craig Forsythe

5- Charles Teed

In terms of the standings, after three races, Nick DeGroot has now taken the throne from Charles Teed who is six points behind him in second. AJ Musselman is in a close third place only four points behind Teed!

Standings T5

1- Nick DeGroot - 103 pts

2- Charles Teed - 97 pts

3- AJ Musselman - 93 pts

4- Nicholas Wnuk - 85 pts

5- Brandon Passalacqua - 83 pts

Next week, the series will be heading to upstate New York to take on Watkins Glen! See you then!

You can watch tonight's broadcast here:

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