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At Dark Horse Racing, we’re all about fun, we run a competitive, excitement filled league hosted on the iRacing platform.  We provide a competitive, respectful, and professional racing atmosphere for all fellow racers.  

Please select the 'Contact Us' Button above, fill out the form and join us!  You can become part of our league.  Seasons for both the DW12 Series, and Area51 IR18 Series' have begun, the first part of the season is in the books, the battle for the championship is heating up!  We are on the last race of the season for the DW12 series - the 6th Dark Horse 500 at the infamous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

(Posted 11/9/2022)


Since early 2020, Dark Horse Racing Series has been finding and featuring some of the fastest DW12 drivers on iRacing. We’re proud to teach not only the love of auto racing, but to also impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork and loyalty.


Josh Garner started Dark Horse Racing by linking Nick Wnuk, Brandon Passalacqua and Charlie Teed to compete as an iRacing Team.  The plan was to have like-minded racers that enjoy all sorts of racing, from different walks of life, and have a place to race together.  We have since added Eric Peterson and Gary Corley to the team. 

In 2020, Charlie Teed and Eric Peterson started on a long venture to bring the Dark Horse Racing Series league to fruition.  With a lot of hard work and tireless hours, the Dark Horse Racing Series DW12 League was born.  We are now in the throws of our 6th season.  We have since partnered with Jim Brooks, Gael Brooks, and Matt Wagner to bring the Area51 Racing Series, an IR18 league, to Dark Horse Racing.  We strive on running a very organized, fun, and exciting league.  Please join us!

Hope you enjoy racing with us.

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